Wednesday, July 25, 2007

2nd Best Party Gimmick of the Week

from the GBH mailing list:

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Trashion - Wednesday July 25 - Upstairs at Marquee
Celebrating the Birthdays of Corey Feldman & Rockstar Richard.
with DJ Michael Cavadias (a.k.a. Lily of the Valley) & Alex English.
Free on the Guest List!!!

Come and join us for our weekly Trashion party, upstairs at Marquee - where downtown kids meet the uptown fashionistas for some drinking, dancing and, possibly, and exchange of wardrobe tips.

DJs Lily of the Valley and guests spin rock'n'roll, electro, new wave and classics.

And yes, we'll be celebrating the Birthdays of Corey Feldman & Rockstar Richard

Your delectable hosts - Nico XO!, Claudia, Mike Deguzman, Gomez, Jerold and Yuval Eder - will be joining us for fun and frolicks - with Nicky Digital ( taking some photos for posterity....

Complimentary admission on the GBH guest list. Click here:

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