Saturday, March 8, 2008

Benjamin Diamond - "Little Scare" (Todd Edwards Remix)

Hey All,

Quick note: Sorry I've been flaky updating the blog, work has picked up, and I've not had time to listen to music, let along write about it. There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to doing in the next few weeks, as long as my motivation and time return.

I also wanted to share some music with you on this rainy Saturday night, the last before the days are longer (and the nights a little warmer, please). A reader sent me a great track that i didn't know i needed, Todd Edwards' remix of Benjamin Diamond's "Little Scare". Beautiful stuff; as far as I can tell, Todd Edwards is the First and Last name in UK Garage (a genre name that still pisses me off (we've got our own Garage, thank you).

Benjamin Diamond - Little Scare (Todd Edwards Main Vocalized Remix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


Tom Oke said...

This is a favourite of mine! It was on the UK 12 of Little Scare.

Rémy said...

Merci pour la track, vraiment énorme

(thee) Mike B said...

That shit is the fresh fly flavor.

Mathias said...


I am looking for a house track which i dont have the name for. The lyrics goes something like this,

fuck em all day fuck em all night
all you bitches want to fuck with me
fucking you bitches like totally

I heard it in a french house mix so i think you might know the name of the song.

Justas said...

it's "The Big Booya" by Jess and Crabbe

Mathias said...

Thank you! :)

Jean Moustache said...

that one is symply awesome


Vinícius K-Max said...

thank you very much!

Frantz said...

UK Garage sounded like US until about 1997. There's alot of gems out there.

here's a few
Danny J Lewis-Spend The Night (H-Man Mix)
Sound Of One-As I Am (Todd Edwards Mix)
TJR-Just Gets Better (Orig & Todd Edwards Underground Version)
Goldie-Believe (Bump N Flex Dub)
24 Hour Experience-Together
Hi Times-Journey Into Jazz
MJ Cole & The Memzee-Comin' At Ya

and my all time fav UK garage cut:
Smokin Beats-Jazz House

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