Monday, July 14, 2008

Fred Falke played Tribeca Grand!

Kristin from Showtrotta sent me an exciting SMS on Saturday afternoon, that Fred Falke would be DJing @ FIXED's party @ the Tribeca Grand. Unfortunately i wasn't able to post info up here on time (as i mentioned earlier, dead computer sucks), but I hope that any of you that may have come were given a similar heads up.

I usually love parties at the Tribeca Grand, as its a very swanky change of pace from Studio B and the like, but it was a little bit of a bummer this time. They seemed to have the A/C turned off in the back room, which made the whole thing a bit draining (especially when its Fred Falke, playing those huge Epic Tracks). Adding to the strain on our senses was the sound system dying about 20 mins into his set, likely due to the rediculous heat in the room. This REALLY sucked as Fred was absolutely tearing us up (he seemed absolutely Livid--in a subdued French kind of way). They managed to fix it about 10 minutes later, with the aid of an oscillating fan borrowed from the kitchen.

I'm never really that good at summing up DJ sets, so I'll leave it to Kristin to describe the events more thoroughly, but I will say that it was one of the more inspired performances I've seen in a really long time. From moment one, when he pulled out a Fender jazz bass to play basslines from his Music For My Friends EP live (and yeah, thats him playing those nasty rhythm tracks on those Falke/Braxe tracks) we all knew we were getting something a little out of the ordinary. In general, he stuck to his own tracks, along with those with his production partner Alan Braxe, but he managed to do enough little tweaks and stutters in Ableton to keep us on our toes (even fanboys like myself who could practically sing along to all the anthems he dropped).

Needless to say, I was wiped out when all was said and done, but thoroughly satisfied, and left feeling quite good about music, for the first time in a long whle.


Jean Moustache said...

cocogirlz is back dude!!!

I posted some French TOuch music! for instance Paris By Night by Disko Starz!!

enjoy !!

Jean Mou

the anephric project said...

Come back, Solid Goldberger

Missy Valentine said...

agreed, you are missed! :(

Michback said...

Bring back your funky.House.Tunes m8! Greets

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll come back soon Ethan.

"Too long... can you feel it..." ;-)

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