Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Raw Man: Bank Rape

A new track for the first time in a while from our friend RAW MAN.

Raw Man f/ Blanche: Bank Rape


Alexandre said...

Raw Man is back with fresh sounds!
I just want to say "Thanks Solid Goldberger" to bring back the French Touch in a new concept.

Keep the good work,
Le Discoboy.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

really not all that impressed with this one, especially from the guy who released such great records on We Rock & Cryda...
seems like a lot of these guys elected to go with this "new" (read: tired) style of electro when they should've stuck to what they were great at in the first place.
look at our boy falke, he's more popular than ever before!
thanks for posting though, i've really missed this blog!

brian savage said...

awesome man, thanks.

hey solid, do you know about priors?

Anonymous said...

"A new track for the first time in a while..."

In 2008, Raw Man released "Wargame" on Kitsuné, and posted the GREAT track "Something Somehow" on his Myspace.

An there's also his new project named "Priors" with Yann Destal : it's awesome. Their official Myspace :

brian savage said...

thanks, fuck. exactly what i was going to respond with.

Solid Goldberger said...

Wow, I didnt know about Priors, I like, i like. Thats a great single, hope they do some more!

As we're listing Raw Man's current work, we should not forget to add his rock band, Amen Birdmen.

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