Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daddy's Favourite "I Feel Good Things From You"

URBDJ 2009 (1998)
Daddy's Favourite - "I Feel Good Things From You"

I Feel Good Things From You (Original Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

I Feel Good Things From You (Alan Braxe Mix #1) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

I Feel Good Things From You (Alan Braxe Mix #2) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Road Trip and Joe Claussell

Two things that I wanted to advertise on my blog this week.

1) I'm traveling west on monday to head to LA for a week, though I'm not sure exactly where I'll be and how much free time I'm gonna have. I would love it if anyone who reads this blog thats in Southern California could email me and let me know of any great things happening from Feb. 4th-9th,

2) On a more local level, New York Househeads have undoubtedly noticed the absence of Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, and his twice-monthly party at LOVE, "Sacred Rhythm". I wrote to Joe a couple of weeks ago, inquiring why the party has yet to return from the "Summer Vacation" that started this past June, and I felt I should re-post his reply on the blog:

Greetings Ethan,

Happy New Year!

I hope that all is good for you.
Thank You for your email, and interest in my whereabouts.

I have been busy dealing with other dimensions in Life to the point where
unfortunately I had to put our gathering on a (temporary hold), but we will
DEFINITLY be back soon enough.

Please tell our Family That I both miss and love them, and that we will all
be together again in the near future.

Peace, Love and Respect

Joaquin Joe Claussell

Joe's the coolest. Hope you're all having a good week.

Best Wishes,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

High Life

Several months ago, I was spending an afternoon going through MySpace, trying to find some new music. I think it was on DJ Falcon's top friends list where I came across High Life, a Disco/House outfit from Paris who are making some cool new beats rooted in the classic French sound. After bugging them for a couple of months, they finally agreed to let me share a few of their tracks. I hope you enjoy them, and keep an eye on their MySpace for word on some upcoming releases.


High Life · A Kind Of Feeling [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

High Life · Milky Way

High Life - Skyscrapers

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sorry for the Delay...

Hey Everyone,

Sorry if you've been checking back here, expecting to find new music, or some words or something, and have come up empty. After thinking I may have figured out a cure, it turns out that I'm suffering from the winter blues, same as always. I'm finding it quite stifling, creatively, and i think for the past few weeks, I've been posting up music here just because I thought I should, not necessarily cause i wanted to. But there's some good things on the horizon, and I'm hoping that this little spurt of warm weather, combined with some fun activities, will get me out of my funk.

First off, going a couple weeks back, I had a blast at the 1-year anniversary of People Dont Dance No More party. Metro Area was surprisingly ho-hum; they seemed to be playing a lot of Disco tracks, but it seemed like they were more interested in obscurity then danceability. However, Tim Sweeney (who's quickly becoming one of my favorite NY DJs) was terrific, as was party host David Bruno. It was so refreshing to see Studio B full of people genuinely excited to hear Disco/House; there was barely an ironic dance to be found, which is a real accomplishment in that place. And on Saturday Night, I made my way over to Ain't Nuthin' But A Houseparty at the Union Square Ballroom, which continues to impress me with its Deep House goodness. And if you've ever been there, and didn't sign up for membership, shoot them an email at; besides being cool having a membership card to a House party, it gets you free admission before midnight, and half price afterwards.

Lots of fun stuff upcoming in the next week or so that you New Yawkers should be aware of. Body & Soul's annual MLK Jr. weekend show is totally unmissable, and you should buy your tickets now at Webster Hall, to save 5 bucks at the door. Later in the week, same venue, Cornelius makes his return to NY. Finally, Super Furry Animals are all over the city the next couple months, with shows in Hoboken at Maxwell's on Wednesday, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and then next month, 2 shows [1/2] to close their tour at the Bowery Ballroom. Never miss a Super Furry show, NEVER!

Nocturnal 004 - Sedat The Turkish Avenger "Da Fist Funk EP"

NCT 004 (2003)
Sedat The Turkish Avenger - "Da Fist Funk EP"




Monday, January 7, 2008

Azuli 033 - Romanthony "Ministry Of Love"

My man Konrad (King Polo) has up and started a blog, and up and hooked up Solid Goldberger.

AZNY 033 (1995)
Romanthony - "Ministry Of Love"

Ministry Of Love (UK Progressive Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Ministry Of Love (Organ Grinder Dub) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Ministry Of Love (Underground Speech Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Altered Beast

This has been a great weekend, first off. Had a great time at the Metro Area/Tim Sweeney night at Studio B. on Friday, and my Giants actually played like a playoff team yesterday! All this goodness didn't overcome the fact that I got hooked up by a couple of new friends with some records i've been searching for for a while.

If you've kept up with my blog, you know that I'm a huge fan of the duo of Ali and Farid Allalou, better known as Dirty Ali and Funky Farid, the creative force behind The Eternals and Vinyl Fever. In 2002, they teamed up with Madjid Hocine to create 3 records under the moniker "The Altered Beast".

Here is the first (I believe) of their 3 EPs, this released on the seminal but currently dormant 20000st. Thanks, Steve!

ST-023 (2002)
The Altered Beast - "Coney Island"



Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year, and stuff.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you've all slept off your hangovers, its time to get '08 going! For those of you in New York, there's a couple of big music events happening this weekend that I'd like to throw out if you hadn't heard already:

First off, tonight (Thursday 1/3), Mr. Oizo is DJing at Hiro Ballroom at GBH's weekly "Cheeky Bastard" party. There is free admission with an RSVP here. I'm a bigger fan of Oizo's pre-Ed Banger music, but hopefully he mixes things up a bit tonight.

Tomorrow night, "People Don't Dance No More" is celebrating their 1 year anniversary at Studio B with Metro Area and Tim Sweeney from DFA. It should be a lot of fun, I've been wanting to see Metro Area for a long time, and it seems like perfect mood music for this cold weather (despite the fact that Studio B will be near-tropical inside as always.

In Light of the little discussion we've been having in the comments section of the WRM 008 Post, I wanted to post a couple of links to stories of somewhat related interest, from the Daily Swarm:
· RIP, RIAA, 1952-2008?
· New York Times: Major-Label Hip-Hop on its last legs?

And now a couple of treats from the past and the future, from our man, Armand Van Helden.

Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Armand Van Helden Remix) (2007) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] (Hoorah, MercFM)

Armand Van Helden - Nrongo Ra Mrongo (1994) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] (Via SoulClap)

The Funkjunkeez - Got Funk? (Da Mongoloids' Funktastic Funk Mix) (1997) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD] (Thank You, Sam!)