Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reminder: RAW MAN @ Ruff Club NY 5/2

Romain Séo, AKA Raw Man, of The Buffalo Bunch, We In Music, and most recently the band >Amen Birdmen, will be performing tomorrow night (5/2) for Ruff Club @ the Annex in NYC. I got the chance to chat with Romain the other day, and he let me know that he'll be performing an Ableton live set for the first time (he received a little coaching from another Ableton user you might know, DJ Falcon). Expect a mix of his old classics and some of his newer electro tracks and maybe some harder stuff. I'm personally quite intrigued. Show some respect and be there! And if you see me, come say hi!

Also, earlier in the afternoon (4-8pm), Raw Man will be joining Jamie Fanatic and the Ruff Club team on Rat Radio NYC for their weekly Ruff Club Radio. Not sure exactly what to expect, but if you can't make it to NY in time for Friday night, check it out as your consolation prize.


Sam said...

As i have said before

Try to get a recording of this Either the set or the radio show (or both :)) because i really want to have a listen to what Raw Man is into nowadays when it comes to House Music

Sam said...

Also note the War Games Pic on his page

when does that come out?

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