Sunday, November 30, 2008

Listen to Theo Parrish talk for 2 hours

Wandering around the internet between football games this morning, I came across this cool "blog" called "Bozman Website" that has a bunch of really good DJ mixes I imagine many of you would enjoy. However, early on while scouring of the archives, I saw a long video from the "Red Bull Music Academy" showing Theo Parrish playing records from a sofa and talking about music for a couple hours. Its a cool way of seeing one of the US's great touring DJs, and its a great way to absorb lot of knowledge from one of the greats.

Also, there's a recent interview with Theo on Resident Advisor HERE.


Saint Malo said...

OMG 1:11:45 awesome !

Gwen said...

V. interesting. No surprise he started with Stevie.

Well, the talking part anyway. Not really interesting watching Theo Parrish bobbing his head, haha.

Belgian Beer said...

Solid Goldberger is not dead :D

Saint Malo said...

If someone could find the song at 1:38:10 it would be awesome ! I think he says "insane asylum" but i'm not sure at all, and i can't find anything from Parrish with "insane" in it on the net. Thanks

Solid Goldberger said...

There is a track listing on the Red Bull site. Good luck.

Alcoholic/Bum in training said...

ethan bring back that french goodness!

eda said...


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