Monday, December 8, 2008

New Label, Music from Eric Chedeville?

Boy, you take a little break from blogging, and look at what you miss!!! Something looks familiar.....

Axel Le Baron - Primary School

There is a sample available at Darling Records' MySpace

Apparently Rico the Wizard is involved in producing/mixing this first 12", but its all speculation through the rumor mill from there. If anyone gets any good info, pass it along.

This is VERY good news.

EDIT: There is an interview with Axel Le Baron on the MaximalMinimal blog, lots of juicy, exciting info.


Alexdaftpunk91 said...

I've just heard the sample of Primary School, sounds nice! And i love Shooting Girl!! It's great!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ethan, some errors in your post, it's rare !

Darling Records was founded by Axel (not Alex) Le Baron and Julien Kourbatoff.

The first EP, named "Primary School" includes only one track made by Axel Le Baron, named... "Primary School" as well.

Rico made the second EP "Shooting Girl", coming soon, with Axel Le Baron.

Official links :

Solid Goldberger said...

Maxime, give a guy a break, it was 4AM! Seriously though, this blog is full of my errors, thanks for making me feel bad... ;)

Spaceman Spiff said...

very nice post.
very excited to hear more of primary school.

Saint Malo said...

So am i !
The first 10 seconds of the sample remind me of something (this : )

Albator said...

I cannot describe how I am feeling now.
It's just wordless.

Thawkins said...


Ette said...
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Ette said...

Should I have heard from those two guys? It just sounds like a bad Cryda one to me. And I've been told those beats are from Braxe? They should have left the name Darlin(')g alone. And they shouldn't try to copy the sleeve either. And the "in house we trust" motto...

Sorry Ethan, for not buying this next "Louis La Roche" hype thing. But then again, who am I?

Cheers, Ette.

Xavier said...

Do you want the rip?

2nd vinyl is on it's way : Spell of Love by Rico The Wizard (Eric Chedeville) + Remix By DJ Sneak

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