Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vertigo 001 - The Julia Set - "Catch Your Pain"

Many thanks to Max in Germany for digging this one up. Only one more EP left to complete the Vertigo Discography, Gile's "Third Episode", anyone?

VRT 001 (1999)
The Julia Set - "Catch Your Pain EP"


Catch Your Pain (Amelot Remix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Catch Your Pain (South Mix by Rinôçérôse) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Catch Your Pain (Seven Dub Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


chinkone said...

the first track of the B-side doesn't seems to work :(

Thawkins said...

yeah. I'm getting a 404 on the rhino remix as well.

Bastille said...

Re-up please?

Solid Goldberger said...

Sorry, I'm on the road, I'll fix these later tonight.

Deemo said...

Thank you, for the time you take to re-up it, have a nice trip and thank you for this LP.

Deemo from france.

anth said...

hey i hope you're enjoying your trip. can you please re-up "Catch Your Pain (South Mix by Rinôçérôse)," when you get back?


Bastille said...

Could you possibly put up the Diamond Trax discography? I've been very curious to hear his stuff.

Albator said...

Amazing... thanks to Max and YOU for posting it.

Waiting for the Rinocerose remix :)

halex said...

Guys, try here. Seems like it uploaded fine, just the link in the blog entry is broken. :)

Maxime said...

Many thanks for that halex!

Albator said...

Yep... that worked like a wonder.

Thanks Halex!

FUSE1TON,DJ said...

silly man! i sent you third episode
if you need it again, ill resend it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all the other French House you was posting.

chrysler5thavenue said...

Yeah, you need to fix the South Mix by Rinôçérôse to

l; said...

Thank you very much for your fantastic blog!

By the way, Gile "Third Episode" is already on the internet. And you can check it out here - (mediafire link)

The rip is only 192 kbps, and not very good, but quite all right. And better than nothing anyway, eh

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