Thursday, December 18, 2008


I just wanted to mention that I'm taking a trip to Mexico in January, and have no real plans as of yet. So if you're from Mexico and have some recommendations for me, I'm all ears. Thanks.



PlayGround said...

Hello man,
I'm the editor of in Mexico. There's a lot of shit you can do here!

anth said...
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anth said...

hey i hope you're enjoying your trip. can you please re-up "Catch Your Pain (South Mix by Rinôçérôse)," when you get back?


p.s. sorry for duplicating this comment.

Geog said...

Hey, love the blog. I just wanted to point out that your Discogs link to 'Gile - Third Episode' in the requests panel on your blog links to 'Gile - Furious Week' instead.

As for Mexico, I just got back from it Tuesday, and the best experience I had there was swimming in an underground cenote. But those are generally in the Yucatan peninsula. I don't really know where you are going, but if its in the Yucatan, then grab a Fodor's guide and get to some cenotes. :)

dash said...

hello wich part of mexico are you going to visit?
if you are still here in mexico
you can contact by skype as dash27
for recomendations
i have a doubt where is the le knight club discography?!?

Johnson Pettigrew said...

I guess no one cares about french house anymore.

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