Sunday, April 20, 2008


· 1st, NYers and Americans All, my friend MicProbes has excitedly informed me that he's booked Romain Seó (Raw Man, and of Buffalo Bunch and We In Music) to play his Ruff Club party on May 2nd. Obviously this is a DO NOT MISS if you're in the area and like this blog at all.

· 2nd, I got an email from Ali Ralouf (AKA Dirti Ali of The Eternals, Vinyl Fever, and about half the music I write about here), who commented on my rhetorical inquiry about the new tracks on The Eternals' Myspace. As it turns out, these will be officially released in the near future, though he didn't mention a timetable, or which label they'd be released on. Still, great news that the Eternals are back!

· NYers can look forward to a solid dose of Classic House over the next week. First, The Martinez Bros. are back home for two shows, Thursday 4/24 @ Cielo and Sunday 5/4 at Webster Hall with Danny Krivit and his long-running 718 Sessions party. Not to be outdone, the Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles makes his return to the big apple with a rare appearance at Cielo this Sunday. I was at his last Cielo appearance, and I promise you, the old guy hasn't lost a beat.


Unknown said...

Someone needs to get a recording of that Raw Man set!

and the Eternals news is great the Astropioneers LP had some amazing stuff on it so any new development from them will be great

ViciousJams said...

o man... This Ruff Club u speak of... is it for 21+ only??

Solid Goldberger said...

I assume it is 21+, but give them an email and i'm sure you can manage to get them to sneak you in ;) Mention solid goldberger sent ya, maybe that'll do the trick ;)

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