Monday, December 17, 2007

Grand Prix 002 · DJ Nekbath - Feel It EP

I got a note the other day from Asher of Milwaukee's Electro/Etc. group "The Glamour" (as well as as solo artist as "Diamonds". He passed along a link to a guest post he did on Panda Toes recently, presenting the French House label, Grand Prix. From this little taste, I'm left breathless, and the search begins for the rest of the label's output. Grand Prix 003 coming up tomorrow, thanks Asher!

DJ Nekbath - "Feel It"

A-Side (Discocaids):
Feel It (Saturday Night Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Feel It (Seb In The Dark Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

B-Side (Loveless Side)
Lose My Love (Jimmy Original Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Lose My Love (Sweet Little Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


Kipper said...

I just dug through my vinyl crate and found Grand Prix 03. Sebastien Leger's Midnight in Galaxy, and the flip is Diametrik Acidness. If you wish i'll rip it for you and send you the mp3's.



Teens Club said...

Feel It has got a sample of Cerrone's 'My Look'. DJ Nekbath is ace

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