Monday, December 24, 2007


Like most music fans of my generation, I came to know of Romanthony through his collaboration with Daft Punk on their 2001 LP Discovery, lending his voice and lyrics on "One More Time" and "Too Long". Yet despite the newfound Fame and Pop acceptance, Romanthony has been largely unheard from since '01, aside from a couple of 12" releases. However, prior to Discovery, Anthony Wayne Moore released a couple dozen EPs, mainly on the Black Male Records label that he helmed. Ranging in genre from Tech and Garage to Gospel and Pop, Romanthony's music is deeply personal, recorded in a Lo-Fi basement style that serves as a counterpoint to many of the other artists with which he is associated.

I should say that my hope in posting these recordings, besides just to share and celebrate, is that perhaps some of you know where he's been hiding. Despite having grown up only minutes from his home at the Jersey Shore, I've still never heard of any performances or DJ sets from him in a loooooong time, but I'm hoping that some of you readers with "inside" information might help spread a little information. He's just too good to be hibernating, and if there's a venue to be hearing his new work, I'd love to know it. I'm working on collecting as many of his older recordings as possible, and i've come across a few great ones of late. I'll be posting them up over the next few days. If you have any others that you'd like to "contribute", please drop me a line.

Note: Check my earlier post of Roulé 307. e.

DT-003 (2004)
Romanthony - "Collins Ave./Samedream"



Once again, thanks to Frederick for this EP


William said...

You need to split each file into two, for both there is an instrumental version and a vocal version. At least it's all there! Lurve the blog still.

Maxfaber said...

ohh, man, so many thanks for this amazing music. so much emotions!

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