Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vertigo 002

I received a few tracks this week from Frederick, which has gotten my juices flowing on a couple of fronts. The first that i'll go into today is Vertigo Records, a French label that I've been trying to collect for a while. There are only 8 EPs on this somewhat mysterious imprint, dating from 1999-2002, many of which contain tracks from "alter egos" of some of the princes of French House, including Romain Tranchart (Modjo), and Ali and Farid of the Eternals. The records here are classic looped-disco, a la Crydamoure, but with a much more "edity" feel, and with more vocal samples. All in all, real fist-pumping stuff that'll keep you wiggling for a long time. Hope you enjoy!

VRT 002
Funk Legacy - "What U Gonna Do Baby"

What You Gonna Do Baby (Remix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]




Anonymous said...

What a great christmas gift ! Thanx a lot Ethan !
Your blog is definitely essential for any person who wants to know
electronic music !
The magic track "What you gonna do baby (remix)" was playlisted by Alan Braxe on his mix for the "Together club". You have posted about this set few weeks ago.
Can you replace "16 Them All" by my new blog, "WDPK webzine" in your blogroll ? Merry Christmas !

CORSAIR said...

This has got to be the best blog I have ever seen!!! Also I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the effect that sounds like thing are going throgh a straw, like the background sound in Electronet, that sounds very similar to the sound from Daft Punk's Fresh. Its that constant up and down sound. Please if anyone knows, help me out!

mu0p said...


the effect your hearing is simply just a filter.

a good VST filter is

FabFilter Volcano

mu0p said...


this blog is everything and more.

dont ever stop.

i wish i can contribute, but you have more gems then i do

CORSAIR said...

Big time thanks, I really appreciate your help.

bladez said...

Is anyone else having a problem with the Electronet track? It seems to stall around 3.45 mark

And thanks so much for all this - my soundtrack to the forthcoming summer owes itself to you!!!

Brian said...

Im also having the problem with Electronet. Its a great track but it seems to end prematurely (at 3:43) with ~30 seconds left...

Anyway thanks for the tracks.

Commercial said...

The Electronet mp3 problem is ancient, I remember an old IDM mailing list user did a bad encoding job back in the late 90's, and his copy was the one that spread over Borg Search/Audiogalaxy FTP. I have the vinyl record sitting in a box somewhere in storage, and since it's commercially unavailable I'll rip it some day.

asdfffdsa said...

Commercial, did you ever get around to ripping Electronet?

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