Wednesday, January 30, 2008

High Life

Several months ago, I was spending an afternoon going through MySpace, trying to find some new music. I think it was on DJ Falcon's top friends list where I came across High Life, a Disco/House outfit from Paris who are making some cool new beats rooted in the classic French sound. After bugging them for a couple of months, they finally agreed to let me share a few of their tracks. I hope you enjoy them, and keep an eye on their MySpace for word on some upcoming releases.


High Life · A Kind Of Feeling [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

High Life · Milky Way

High Life - Skyscrapers


Sam said...

:O nice stuff i heard milky way ages ago on their page and couldn't put my finger on where that sample in it comes from now i remember

Play Paul - Spaced Out 2

good stuff are the bottom two not available for download or is it just a bit broken?

Solid Goldberger said...

They asked that i not share those for download, as it sounds like they have an EP on the way. So head over to their myspace, make them your friend, and buy buy buy when they finally release it.

fc said...

great stuff man, nice find...

how was cornelius? i saw him the night before in DC at the 9:30 club, by far the best show this year (haha)

Solid Goldberger said...

Unfortunately, i missed Cornelius (again), do to schedule conflicts. I suck, but i will make sure I see him the next time.

Begbie//High Life said...

To Sam

the sample in "Milky Way" is not from Play Paul - Spaced Out 2!

It comes from an old soul music track. I think it is very difficult to recognize it


High Life

Sam said...

sorry for assuming you sampled play paul but he must have sampled the same track as you did

look forward to seeing stuff come out on a Physical release soon

Jesse said...

what movie is the beginning of skyscrapers from?

i remember that but i cant place it!

Askine said...

It's from the Godfather part II.

diizy said...

great fresh tunes, these are lovely. when, whos releasing them?

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