Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sorry for the Delay...

Hey Everyone,

Sorry if you've been checking back here, expecting to find new music, or some words or something, and have come up empty. After thinking I may have figured out a cure, it turns out that I'm suffering from the winter blues, same as always. I'm finding it quite stifling, creatively, and i think for the past few weeks, I've been posting up music here just because I thought I should, not necessarily cause i wanted to. But there's some good things on the horizon, and I'm hoping that this little spurt of warm weather, combined with some fun activities, will get me out of my funk.

First off, going a couple weeks back, I had a blast at the 1-year anniversary of People Dont Dance No More party. Metro Area was surprisingly ho-hum; they seemed to be playing a lot of Disco tracks, but it seemed like they were more interested in obscurity then danceability. However, Tim Sweeney (who's quickly becoming one of my favorite NY DJs) was terrific, as was party host David Bruno. It was so refreshing to see Studio B full of people genuinely excited to hear Disco/House; there was barely an ironic dance to be found, which is a real accomplishment in that place. And on Saturday Night, I made my way over to Ain't Nuthin' But A Houseparty at the Union Square Ballroom, which continues to impress me with its Deep House goodness. And if you've ever been there, and didn't sign up for membership, shoot them an email at; besides being cool having a membership card to a House party, it gets you free admission before midnight, and half price afterwards.

Lots of fun stuff upcoming in the next week or so that you New Yawkers should be aware of. Body & Soul's annual MLK Jr. weekend show is totally unmissable, and you should buy your tickets now at Webster Hall, to save 5 bucks at the door. Later in the week, same venue, Cornelius makes his return to NY. Finally, Super Furry Animals are all over the city the next couple months, with shows in Hoboken at Maxwell's on Wednesday, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and then next month, 2 shows [1/2] to close their tour at the Bowery Ballroom. Never miss a Super Furry show, NEVER!

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dmoefunk said...

Dude, I'm so feeling the same way you are. Winter blues are harsh for making tracks or compiling a setlist. I would rather watch movies or something. I am however looking forward to when I get my wind back!!!

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