Thursday, January 31, 2008

Road Trip and Joe Claussell

Two things that I wanted to advertise on my blog this week.

1) I'm traveling west on monday to head to LA for a week, though I'm not sure exactly where I'll be and how much free time I'm gonna have. I would love it if anyone who reads this blog thats in Southern California could email me and let me know of any great things happening from Feb. 4th-9th,

2) On a more local level, New York Househeads have undoubtedly noticed the absence of Joaquin "Joe" Claussell, and his twice-monthly party at LOVE, "Sacred Rhythm". I wrote to Joe a couple of weeks ago, inquiring why the party has yet to return from the "Summer Vacation" that started this past June, and I felt I should re-post his reply on the blog:

Greetings Ethan,

Happy New Year!

I hope that all is good for you.
Thank You for your email, and interest in my whereabouts.

I have been busy dealing with other dimensions in Life to the point where
unfortunately I had to put our gathering on a (temporary hold), but we will
DEFINITLY be back soon enough.

Please tell our Family That I both miss and love them, and that we will all
be together again in the near future.

Peace, Love and Respect

Joaquin Joe Claussell

Joe's the coolest. Hope you're all having a good week.

Best Wishes,

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