Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Crydamoure 001

I was laying in bed this morning feeling bad about my Mets, and about how sloppy I've been updating my blog the last month or so, especially now that some people are actually reading it regularly. So I'm gonna start posting some music again, this time posting the work from the Crydamoure label in series, one a day until they're all done.

Crydamoure was founded in 1997 as an outlet for the more disco side of Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and his production partner Eric Chedeville, who had run the French techno label Pumpking. Crydamoure's primary "Artist" was Le Knight Club, the name Chedeville and de Homem-Christo gave to their own collaborations. The Buffalo Bunch (as discussed earlier), Paul Johnson, Raw Man, Play Paul, Sedat, Deelat, Archigram, the Eternals, and label supergroup Crydajam all released tracks amongst Crydamoure's nineteen 12" releases.

Ordinarily I wouldn't post such a comprehensive collection, but Crydamoure is essentially* defunct, and these 12"s are way out of print. Of course if Guy-Manuel or Eric want these down, all they gotta do is ask. It should be said for the record that the majority of the label's output has been collected in two monumental mix cd's "Waves" and "Waves 2", and if you like house, these are must owns.

* I've heard rumors that Crydamoure will be ressurected later this year or early '08, with releases by Le Knight Club, and Collaborations between Romain Tranchart (Modjo) and both Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Eric Chedeville. Along the same lines, there is rumor of Thomas Bangalter digging Roulé up from the dead, and bringing out some tracks with DJ Falcon. I'm waiting impatiently, but it could be a very warm winter...

Le Knight Club - "Santa Claus/Holiday On Ice"



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Spaceman Spiff said...

wow thanks man... all i have is Waves I and II.. any some random Le Knight Club stuff... ill be sure to check all of these out!

Solid Goldberger said...

The Waves comps represent 99% of what crydamoure put out, but there are a few b-sides and wierd remixes thrown in that didn't make the cuts. Also, its cool to have them unmixed, especially if you dj.

Xinobi said...

lets pray for that rumors tranform into true facts!

Jason Forrest said...

Thank you so much for putting in so much time to do this! It's a huge resource, and I'll try to mirror and link when I can!


WestRainbow said...

Hello! Thanks for all the songs, I really aprecciate.