Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daft Punk 10/27 Las Vegas, Nevada "Vegoose" Review and Pictures

I'm gonna get into more specifics when i wake up tomorrow, and can more fully recap this amazing day, but for now i'll just give a play-by-play with the pictures.

After catching the 2nd half of M.I.A.'s set (meh), we met up with Danny and Newstie during Iggy Pop & The Stooges. Different vibe then i was going for, but still pretty fun. How old is that pretty topless lead-singer? Boy can she sing.

A major theme of the evening was Sam trying his best to ignore the fact that we weren't actually in Daft Punk. This involved walking around backstage, meeting the Tour manager for Cypress Hill "Dougie", and meeting all the nice older ladies that were running security. It also somehow led us into this cross-shaped fenced-in area in the middle of Daft's audience area. There we met some of the people who were taping the show (cool), as well as our new friends from Brooklyn, who apparently will be on my flight home tomorrow.

We ended up in a little "VIP" section just to the left of the soundboard, which provided us with views of the show that were two beautiful to even try and photgraph (i'll leave it to the pros who were around and doing their thing). Here we also met some great people, including the folks from Boise (Glasses/Sequins/Star-Facepaint). We also met these two girls who had apparently spent the last 10 days soldering together their own LED Daft Punk Helmets. Only Daft Punk can bring these kinds of people together.


Anonymous said...

Great helmet girls ! ;-)

Your "homework jacket" is really AWESOME !

Glenjamn said...

too bad the girls wouldn't stop bitching about how they were constantly getting pictures taken of them. get over it.

they were wack. their costumes were dope. that's it.

Solid Goldberger is dope.

Glenjamn said...


...yo, what's your email mang?

Nerolista said...

I must say I'm surprised to see you actually put those pictures me up haha (I'm the one in the pink alive shirt). It was awesome meeting you guys. I still want to steal your jackets though. I'm in pre-production of making my own helmets with my brother, along with the leather costumes. They're going to rock. Anyway drop me a line some time.

Gibbs said...

That's nuts! I just found your blog and I kept seeing you guys around Vegoose. I had lost my voice the day before and my girlfriend didn't want to act as my interpreter so I could ask you about your jackets. I was standing directly to the right of you on the other side of the fence when you were in the sound board vip area.


I will forever check out this site.


Punk Daft said...

Where can u get a jacket like that I want one