Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daft Punk at Vegoose

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It looks like I've put things together to come to Vegoose next weekend to see Daft Punk (four times in 16 months, im proud to say). However, I'm not much of a gambler, and I think I'm gonna skip out on the Sunday shows at the festival (not much thats particularly interesting to me), so i'm wondering what to do with myself? Do any of you know of anything fun going on? Any word of afterparties in Vegas saturday night? What does one do on a Sunday in Vegas besides eat and spend money? and then Ethan remembers that Sopranos episode from the last season....hmm.

Anyways, if anyone has suggestions, or has a great houseparty that they wanna bring a couple fun strangers to, give me a holler.


Unknown said...

Hell yeah, i'm going to be there with my whole crew. I have the whole list of afterparties too. If the plan i've come up with works, we'll meet Daft Punk.

Unknown said...

guns n bombs will be in vegas

dafterparty too

Noah Hebert said...

Solidgold sighting at a CMJ party

Unknown said...

That sopranos ep is thebest suggestion you could get buddy. Have fun!!