Friday, October 26, 2007

Live Blog: Daft Punk @ Vegoose, Las Vegas, NV

In the most self-indulgent of gestures, i'm gonna "Live-Blog" my trip to Vegas. This is mostly because my flight is delayed @ JFK and I'm trying to do things other then drink while I wait. I'm travelling with my friend Sam, both of us rolling in tight black satin. We've been getting stares.

10/26 9:18 PM.: Just found out that our flight is delayed for 2 hours, and now we're ragin' at "New York Sports Grill", Jetblue's hottest club. I just ran into some friends from Speedway Films, whos flight back to Nashville was delayed too, so we shot the shit and watched some college football. Man this trip is off to a roaring start.

10/26 11:40 PM EST: Get me off this fucking plane!!! Its cool, only another 5 hours to go!!! We were waiting around JFK terminal 6, and saw some guy packing away a phat Ableton Live controller, so I asked him about it, and he said that he is the soundguy for DJ Jonathan Peters (who was laying on a bench ichatting with someone and wearing brown coveralls). His website says that he's the #1 dj in America. Not this weekend.

10/27 3:54 AM PST: Just got to the hotel. Tahiti Village has no wi-fi, so i'll be updating this at the times when i can connect. Pictures to follow.

10/27 5:55PM: Denny's was probably not the best pregame decision. Still, we're on our way out the door, looking fly...

10/28 4:45AM: Well that was amazing. So good it needs its own post. So check that out here.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you spoke to the Daft Punk you're as lucky as DJ Mehdi ;-). Your daft jacket is beautiful.

flight-las-vegas-nevada said...

Interesting experience