Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Busy P's Daft Punk Tour Blog

Busy P's Daft Tour Diary

From 'The Fader': "Here I am again, back on the US roads with some freaky frenchie. I left my Ed Banger squad at home and now travelling the US with DAFT PUNK. The band rocked L.A, SF and Seattle last week. I've joined the tour yesterday in DENVER, Colorado. DAFT PUNK at RED ROCKS, or our way to live the "Close encounters of the third kind" for real! Next stop is Lollapalooza in Chicago. Maybe I'll make my dream come true, meet Eddie Vedder. Before that, I have a small escapade in L.A tonight with some of the Ed Banger's artists for another "trendy car brand super private top secret party"... Not a secret anymore, exclusively here on THEFADER.COM! It's at Viper Room! come, I'll open the back door.

posted from Colorado with love by BUSY P"

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To my friends in Colorado, send me pics.

Also, to whet your appetite, if you haven't seen the pyramid in person yet, i give you this thought, from Backbeat Online:

Random Detail: Opening act The Rapture's Matt Saber concluded their set by saying of Daft Punk, "This is going to be the best show you've ever seen. Better than sex. Better than your birthday. Better than your wedding." After the show I overheard at least a dozen fans echoing that sentiment.


iarla said...

Wow thats pretty cool, Guy-man has the long hair again, it took me a while to figure out his mustache was sprayed-on, thank god :D

teenagewerewolf said...

Is that Kavinsky on the left?

teenagewerewolf said...
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