Thursday, August 30, 2007

Notes for the weekend: Todd Terje, Busy P, and Red Hook Ceviche

I'm gonna post some remixes up later, but I wanted to make a couple notes for the weekend.

First, Todd Terje @ 205 was a great sweaty time last night. His tracks were great last year at his 3 NYC appearances, but I think his DJ skills have gotten even better. Amazing track selection and blends, and an eponomous t-shirt, clearly the mark of a great selector. He also informed me that he's got 2 more appearances in NY this week:

-----Saturday: Todd Terje @ Tribeca Grand
-----Monday: Terje Opens Deep Space w/ Francois K @ Cielo (Disco Goes Full Circle?)

I also want to point out that Busy P is in town for 3 shows this coming week, so if you missed the Dafter-Party, or don't feel like getting squeezed at an Ed Banger showcase event, come see the man in front of the robots.

-----Saturday: Busy P + DJ T + Throne of Blood @ Studio B
-----Sunday : Busy P + Neal Aline @ APT
-----Tuesday: Busy P @ LOVE

Lastly, I was reading David Byrne's Blog about the situation facing the vendors at the Red Hook Ball fields. If you've never been, its an extravaganza of latin street foods, sold by vendors in tents surrounding a soccer field (with pretty good games) on Saturdays and Sundays. You'll find it by driving to the corner of Clinton St & Bay St [click for map], or take the F train to Smith/9th, or the 77 Bus till you see the fields. Some of the most delicious things i've ever put in my mouth are the Grilled Corn (get it with the works) from the first stand when you walk in, and the Ceviche a short ways down the line, served in little plastic cups for $6 (shrimp perfection). Thats the good news.

The bad news is like anything else in this city where New Yorkers are enjoying their lives, the man is trying to step in and shut it down. The word on the street, is that they're trying to kick out the families who have turned this into a vibrant weekend event for the past 10 years, and replace them with rent-paying food "vendors" (and if you've ever been to a street fair in this town, you get the idea what of that will be like, bad news if you ever want something besides italian sausage). To read more about this crisis--and as far as i'm concerned this is just that--go to the "Save Soccer Tacos" Blog. There are links to a bunch of ways that you can step in and write to the parks dept, and your other city representatives. If you have the time, please write a letter. This is one of those things that makes me proud to be a New Yorker.

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