Friday, August 10, 2007

Daft Punk Keyspan Park (and afterparty) Wrapup


Here's how it went. After pregame at my apt. about 15 of us took the trek on the F train to coney, 6 of us all dressed up in satin. Keyspan park was really great, the dancefloor they put down to protect the field was really soft and squishy and great for shakin'. I was looking forward to seeing the Pyramid show for the 3rd time, and finally just being able to have fun and dance and enjoy myself. Nope. Same shock and awe as both times before, hand over mouth, on head, absolute amazement. I had somehow managed to avoid seeing/hearing the encore until last night, and i must say, holy fuck!

More then spent, we took the long train back to my house, where after a quick shower and change, we headed out to the after party @ Studio B. Place was packed with a hefty line, but it seemed like if you had pre-sale tickets, there was no waiting, and we were in really quickly. Place was H.O.T.T. and doubly so if you're wearing a quilt-lined satin jacket. We're standing towards the side, when we see towards the back that Thomas and Guy-Manuel are in the back of the dj booth, talking with Sebastian, Kavinski, Sebastian Tellier and a bunch of other people who i probably should know. After maybe 10 minutes of chatting (and Guy-Manuel hiding), they quietly start walking towards the exit. I figured they would be absolutely mobbed, but i needed to go try and shake a hand or two, thank them for....everything. But to my surprise, even in blogged-out brooklyn, i dont think anyone knew who they were! I creep up to Thomas with a giant frog in my throat, and shake his hand and offer my thanks. Then i turn around and show him my Jacket. I think he was a little thrown off at first, but then after I hand him the one we made for him, he seems truly touched and flattered and sincerely thanks me. I'm speechless, and forget to even try to look for Guy-Man, and so when Thomas walked out the door with wifey, it took a nudge from my boy Noah to go outside and find his ass!

We go outside, and I see them standing in a small circle of friends outside their black stretch limo. Still terrified, I walk up to Guy-Manuel, give him his respect, and offer him a jacket as well, to which he also quietly but sincerely offers his thanks. At this point i'm just mumbling and so fucking freaked out that I cant even believe whats goin on here. I know for some of you this might be old hat, but I'm meeting the fuckin' superheroes! Anyways, i walk away dumbfounded, when i'm reminded that i went out and bought paint pens specifically for the off chance this encounter might happen. Head bowed in fear, I walk up to Thomas again (who is the nicest guy in the world, by the way), and ask him if he would sign my jacket. He says "of course", and follows by asking Guy-Manuel to sign for me (as he can see how super-intimidated of Guy I am ). They both sign for Noah and Dane and d's boy Sam as well. While Thomas is signing, he tells me how great he thinks the jackets are, and that he tried to get them made for the crew in '97, but he couldnt get them to come out as well as these! Then he says that they were their best memory of the tour! I'm melted.

After about 10 minutes of staring off into space dazed, I look up to see their limo pull away, and we go back into Studio B. I need a drink BAD, so i go up to the bar, and stand there forever waiting for some greasy motherfucker next to me taking forever to order 4 drinks. Armand Van Helden. Un-freakin believable. Shake his hand, and blabber some shit that I'm way embarrased about, and then make my way towards the front of the dj booth to give the last jacket to Busy Pedro. I force my way up onto the ledge, and push the jacket in his face, which he takes and looks down and mouths "for me?". He then holds it up for the crowd who goes nuts. Ethan is smiley.

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I was done, as were my companions, and we made our way back down to park slope to call it one helluva night.

For some great pics of the night, check out The Cobra Snake, and see Noah's back, Ethan and Dane lurking in the shadows, and Rosario Dawson taking polaroids in the back of the daft limo?

Also, since music is over now, i'm turning this into a food blog. Here's my mom's recipe for Plum Cake (Try it, its easy and really delicious):

1/4 pound (1 stick) Butter, softened
1 C sugar
mix them together in a bowl
to this add:

2 eggs
1 C flour
1/2 t. baking powder
1 t vanilla extract
Mix all this together thoroughly
Pour into greased dish (9" pie pan works nicely)
Top with sliced plums
Sprinkle top with cinnamon
Bake @ 350 deg. F for approx 1 hour, until top is golden brown.


We Are said...

Hey! Is there anyway to get a jacket? They are amazing! My e-mail is, let me know!


Akinwale said...

Hey SoulNSweat,

You’ve been to three of the tour stops!?! And I thought that I’d just stopped kicking myself for not going! Right now, I'm just hoping that I can figure out a way to go to Las Vegas to see them at Vegoose!

I'm actually putting together a social network featuring informal reviews for Manhattan venues (concert spaces, restaurants, spas, etc.) and events (concerts, parties, plays) and I thought that you'd enjoy being a part of our beta testing period. It would be a great opportunity for you to write reviews, promote local events and your blog on a new social network, and connect with people through technology that connects people both online and offline. Let me know if you'd be interested in participating and maybe we can connect in person and have some drinks!


Wale Ogundipe

GSB said...

Nice job dude. Saw you in your jacket and was super impressed! Congrats on meeting the Punks!

Jesse said...

I am so freaking jealous of you. Thomas AND Guy AND Armand.... I couldn't even get into Studio B!

Wish I had been able to RSVP/not get lost on the subway.

I think I saw you guys outside of the place standing around... I thought you guys were roadies or something... lol. You were probably standing right next to DP and i didnt even realize it.

Glenjamn said...

My friend Cat sent me this (she bought a jacket from you)...we're a part of the LA Daft Crew & I'm so happy for you guys. I don't even know you guys, but I can sense the happiness in the tone of your post.

You guys are doin good things. Keep up the good work...and come out to VEGAS! We're gonna go nuts!


cat said...

stunned. i am speechless.

the west coast versions of you guys are waiting to meet you in vegas.

i don't know whether to wear my jacket or frame it!

oneifbyland said...

i'll bet that cake is good.

Nick said...

First and foremost ... Mr. Goldberger, it is absolutely imperative that you and your NYC crew join us, the LA Crew, for the mystical mayhem that will be Vegoose. We're booked, tix purchased and starting to learn the "Around the World" choreography to supplement our costumes.

Moving forward, I must tell you that I have been living the connection between our coasts through Cat, as she has been relaying to me the happenings of the jackets and obviously the blog entries that you've had concerning DP. When I read about the events of your night, the jacket presentations, the energy, the love, etc ... Goosebumps formed, from shoulder to fingertip. It wasn't until Cat told me her jacket TOO was signed that I felt the tingling sensation that I have forever associated with DP, their fans, my crew, the music, etc ... I felt it in my bones. Class acts, y'all are.

With this, the lengthy blog comment that it is ... I conclude where I started. You need to attend Vegoose. If you did, it would be (unless you're seeing them again before then) your fourth time seeing them! And it would also be myself and Cat's fourth time witnessing the robotic, yet all to human grace that is DP.

Steez, out.

clinton said...

I got to meet Bangalter when DJ falcon/ Alan braxe came to L.A. not too long ago. I had pretty much the same reaction: a nervous wreck, wondering how to introduce myself, and jittered.

I finally got enough courage to shake his hand and thanked him for everything. Later on that evening I asked for a picture too.

Krayte said...

OK been searching for what seems like since he first time iv seen the cover of homework This is the closet iv ever come to even finding someone with one of those jackets, could you email me some details, like were you go them made, or if it would be possible for me to buy one?, my email is

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