Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Los Amigos Invisibles, Free Show Thurs 8/24, Free Music Now

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After a bout of laziness, i'm posting again. Inspiration today comes from the free Los Amigos Invisibles show tomorrow at El Museo Del Barrio on Museum Mile. Some dummy scheduled their last free NY show on the same day as the robots, but as of now, i see no earth-changing conflicts for tomorrow (especially since its an early-evening after-work affair [6:30-9:30]).

If you don't know them, Los Amigos play live "Latin Disco House". which as far as i'm concerned is a pretty under-served market. You dont need to use much imagination to get that they're a good ol' time. But if my sparse description doesn't get it done for you, then perhaps these samples will. Hope to see you there. Someone let me know if there are any other good parties going on Thursday evening, maybe it'll turn into a marathon.

Ease Your Mind [Zshare Link]

Una Disco Llena [Zshare Link]

All Day Today [Zshare Link]

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