Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day of Reckoning

Sorry i've not been great about updating the blog this week, but certain business needed to be taken care of.
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First off: B-52s host their own Unoficcial Daft Punk Pre-Party which adds to the funnest day of the year. And poor Los Amigos Invisibles, i do love them so, but once again they have managed to schedule terribly.

Just noticed that Objectivity Records (Dennis Ferrer, The Martinez Brothers) are throwing a party at Pacha tomorrow. Pacha on friday night, meh, but should be cool nonetheless if you're looking for something to do with your night. On the other hand there's a Jellybean Benitez "house party" on friday, and then he goes to Ft. Green Park on Sunday to close out(?) their short-lived summer house series.

Later today, i will upload some music for you to listen to on your drive to Coney Island. If you run into me, there, I fully expect you to buy me a fried clam sandwich. Also ran into this guy last night.
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See you in a few hours. NY, you'e never gonna be the same again.

heart, e.


Dane said...

Holy hell its Guy Man!

Jesse said...

whered you run into him?

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