Monday, August 13, 2007

Daft Punk Live in Brooklyn @ Keyspan Park 8/9/07 Audience Recording

Respect to whoever it was that sat through the show with mics on their head to bring us this. Respect to Obscene for posting them up (and check it if you want this in AAC or FLAC). Respect to the guy who says that he's crying midway through the set. Respect to the robots.

NOTE: This is apparently originally from HUMAN ROBOTS IN BROOKLKYN which I believe is the only Keyspan-Park-Show-Domain on the interweb.

Daft Punk Live @ Keyspan Park, Brooklyn, NY 8/9/07 (Right-Click to Download)

Shit yeah!

Also, guess not everyone turned in their tapes to Daft:


Thanks, "bluebrow"

Dos Mas, from Silver's Boogaloo


Matt said...

Awesome, thank you for helping my post-Daft-Punk-depression. The mp3 download for the show is 404'ed though.

danny said... is where it originally came from, you can still get it there.

SoulNSweat said...

Thanks for the note, danny, i will correct this in the blog (still can't figure why the link ain't workin').

Phoenix_knights said...

Sweet, you sure that they didnt turn in their tapes? maybe they made a copy er somthin...

SoulNSweat said...

Not sure of it, but they definitely came from a camera with a tripod on it. My guess is one of those firestore hard drives attached to the cam's firewire, tape for daft, hard drive for the rest of the world!


Sysyphus said...

I wish the guy who had the One More Time tape had the full show out somewhere.

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