Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pepe plays that Dirty S#!+

If you don't know me personally, a little backstory. I went to Hampshire College in Amherst, MA studying Music and Movies. Hampshire is a teeny little hippie school in the middle of nowhere, just about equidistant from New York and Boston--read: far. It was a wonderful collection of wierdos for the most part, but there were certain characters who made themselves known above the others.

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One of those was Pepe, who was as likely to shit-talk you at ping-pong as give you a spot while working as a monitor at the school weight room, and more likley, would ridecule your attempts to hold onto some kind of belief in God while smoking in the hallway. Pepe also really loved hippies, and he showed this by playing Detroit and Baltimore Booty tracks at the top of his stereo's tolerance, out into the quad while people were throwing frisbees, smoking weed, struggling to hear the tape of the Phish show from last month. At the time, i just thought it was balls (in the Stephen Colbert sense), but as time goes by, I've come to appreciate the tremendous music that he was playing, and when i listen to some of the mixes that he made, i'm consistently jealous of--and amazed by--his taste.

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Originally, from Boston, Pepe lives in Brooklyn now, not more then 2 miles from me, yet I can't get him to come out to party. He's always working, or doing Jiu Jitsu, and seems to have little time for Dancing. So here was my scheme: I post this great mix on my blog, and if you like it, send him a pestering message on his myspace, complementing him first, but then demanding he come out and play sometime. Or at least answer the phone.

I don't know the track names of most of these, so they're all untitled, but if anyone wants to work on a tracklisting, I can replace this version with a properly coded one.

Here is a Booty mix by Pep labeled "Footwerk" [Zshare Link Here]


SamZ said...

Actually, Pepe is from the Lower east Side of NYC and moved to Boston during high school to get away from his gang...noob

But he definitely deserves a post on solid gberger

Pepe said...

I'm a blue belt now nigga - 1 stripe.