Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remix Thursday #9: The Jazzanova Edition

Jazzanova's back in town, and the return of one of the great remix teams has inspired me to return to Remix Thursday.

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Jazzanova is a Berlin-based production collective who have been making tracks under their own moniker during the last decade, as well as creating many of the remixes that [in my mind] define the sound of the labels they produce for, namely Sonar Kollective and Compost Records. From Bebop to Drum & Bass, their styles really cover the entire spectrum of dance music, but when Jazzanova's Alex Barck takes to the decks tonight at Cielo, expect lots of Latin- and Soul-infused Deep House and "Space Disco".

Fat Freddy's Drop - "Flashback (Jazzanova's Breath Easy Remix)" [Right-Click To Download]

Masters At Work f/ Roy Ayers - "Our Time Is Coming (Jazzanova's Guestlist Mix)" [Right-Click To Download]

Men From The Nile - "Watch Them Come!!! (Jazzanova Remix)" [Right-Click To Download]

Vikter Duplaix - "That Night (f/ Jazzanova)" [Right-Click To Download]


Baker said...

Let's not forget their excellent reworking of Status IV's "You Ain't Really Down" ("Jazzanova's Hey Baby Mix".) Love those guys.


Unknown said...

Love them and Sonar Kollektiv. Have you heard of Deyampert? Lovely work

Anonymous said...

that MAW remix is nice. thanks.