Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scratché 701

This is the one and only release on Roulé's sub-label, Scratché. Don't quite know why these tracks deserved their own label (or why there were no other Scratché 12"s), but if any of you have some insight, i'd love to hear it.

Scratché 701
Buffalo Bunch - "
Buffalo Club"




Unknown said...

Im sure i heard that Paul and Raw Man set up the Scratché sub label with Bangalter (Who i assume always wanted a Scrathché so he had Roulé n Scrtathcé) for future releases of Buffalo related stuff

Buffalo Club is the first Buffalo Bunch Release followed a year later by their only other release as the Buffalo Bunch on Crydamoure.

it seems that for some reason they decided to move over to releasing Play Paul, Raw Man and Buffalo Bunch records on Crydamoure and latter on We Rock Music

simply listening to Buffalo Club you can tell it is slightly distanced from the sound of Roulé but also distanced from Crydamoure
by the release of TITTS it was clear that the sound was very much Crydamoure (in fact when i think of Crydamoure TITTS is the track that immediately comes to mind)and raw mans later releases are definitely not a sound like either of the labels

why Thomas didnt decide to make any further use of Scratché we will never know (unless an interviewer asks him :D)

Leo said...

I would love to get my hands on

Panico - El Mambero (Carnaval De Toros Y Bufalos Mix) (By Buffalo Bunch Extented Version)

Welsch Clément said...
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Welsch Clément said...

Hi, 11 years later...
Play Paul ( aka brother of guyman) has explained in an itw how Scratché has been created "in French".