Sunday, November 18, 2007

Roulé Closeout

None of these tracks are really Roulé releases besides the Bob Sinclar Remix, but I figured they should be grouped together for one reason or another. They're all essentials for any collection of house music from this era.

First up is "Bob Sinclar's" Gym Tonic. It is my belief and understanding that this White Label track was stolen from Thomas Bangalter, nicely told in the story that follows, which is reprinted from the account by LeDJFaB on the discogs page:

Entirely produced by Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk), "Gym Tonic" bacame, over the years, a kind of mythical record. According to the rumours, Bangalter didn't want the track to be released commercially. But it gained such a success as a promo that Sinclar decided to put it on his first album "Paradise", crediting himself as the main author and Bangalter as the remixer. This event leaded to several legal problems: Jane Fonda took legal actions for the uncredited use of her voice, and it finally cost around 75 000$ to clear the sample. Many opportunist, commercial dance acts stealed the main idea of the record: the most popular one, Spacedust, released "Gym And Tonic" (which even reproduce Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" melody). Finally, Bangalter decided to "ban" Sinclar's remix of "Music Sounds Better With You" by ordering new versions of the song to Dimitri From Paris and DJ Sneak. It is unlikely that these two DJ's will ever work together again. Choose your camp.

Use your ears, i think they'll validate the story.

"Bob Sinclar" - Gym Tonic [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Up next is a track that you all know, along with a couple of amazing versions that you might not. This is another one that is/was rumored to have originated in the Thomas Bangalter/Together circle, but it seems that consensus is that Bangalter/Falcon simply got access to Eric Prydz's master tracks early on, and made their own White Label Mix, which is available below, as well as the "Played Live" version, which i have credited as from a show by Cassius & DJ Falcon at the Original Pacha Club in Ibiza on 8/13/03. If anyones got better information, do share.


Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Daft Mafia Rework) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Played Live by Falcon & Bangalter) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Finally, a few more mixes of the great Roulé Hits, just to make sure you can work some French Touch into the mix set for your Wedding, Gym, Club, Restaurant/Bar, and/or Bar Mitzvah.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclar Remix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (DJ Dupré Rework Mix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Together - So Much Love To Give (Archigram Remix) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Together - So Much Love To Give (Daft Mafia Reworked) [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Bonus Box: The "B-Side" for that "Call On Me" White Label requested by Maxime from 16ThemAll

Nicholas Vallée - New York, NY[RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


Anonymous said...

Bad link for New-York track. It plays Bob Sinclar.

Unknown said...

nice story about gym tonic :) i never much liked the track anyway i think the vocal sample is a bit... ummm... a bit something. well the short of it is i would like it without the vocal

and all your work to bring WRM Roulé/Scratché and most of all Crydamoure to the masses is just fantastic special thanks for the buffalo bunch live set from remix Thursday i love it

thomas said...

any chance you could do a crydamore round up of le knight club remixes etc such as there cassius remixes and such,

Solid Goldberger said...

Nice idea, thomas, i think i should do that! It'll give me something to do on the ride back to NY from Philly (stuck in thanksgiving traffic).


woka said...

im looking for a thomas bangalter dj set ive searched the net but no luck

can anyone help please

Solid Goldberger said...

any particular mix set you were looking for?


Anonymous said...

== JAY SEZ: ==
Hey, you!! ;)

This is Jason speakin'... great blog saluting the DaftCrew!! Keep it up!!

I saw the requests on the right-hand side, so I thought "why not?"

Now, unfortunately, I may not have "Times + Places" on me, but I was actually lucky to "pilfer" a snippet of the song from another fellow fan (...whoever you are - thanks!). Good thing, too!

I got you covered!! Here's my contribution:

VINYL FEVER -- 04h50AM on the Floor (Project JKFX Remix)

Hope you enjoy! Share that amongst yourselves.


woka77 said...

hi solid

i dont have any Thomas Bangalter sets so i was wondering if you could help thx


Unknown said...

Thank you for attempting to clear up the "call on me" story. I've always wondered about that.


William Lebreton said...

Dude you have a fantastic blog, I'm gonna download every single track on here.. I love the Call On Me played live, and if you've got anything else remotely connected to DJ Falcon please post it, this guy is a musical god!
Also, anyone one know what that "A lovely day.. and the sun is shining" sample is?
Best, William

Saint Malo said...

Ethan, your blog really

I had never heard that 'call on me live', I've been playing it like 10 times in the past two hours, thank so much
(I feel obliged to put you in my blogfriends)

mayhnaus said...

I'm not of course such a big expert in French House as the author of this blog and respected commenters, but I would like to add, that actually on the first edition of his "Paradise" album, Bob Sinclar actually credited Thomas in a pretty honest way, by writing in the tracklist that this song was recorded by "Thomas Bangalter vs Bob Sinclar".

So the problem with "Gym Tonic" was not about stealing the track, but more about using it without permission of Thomas.

beaumont said...

this is a really great post. thankyou!! i actually heard that the 'call on me' idea was originally by a little known producer called 'retarded funk' who ended up appearing on the cd single with a remix credit..

beaumont said...

i have a version of 'call on me' which im sure i was listening to at least 12 months or so before the release of the eric prydz version (its actually much better and uses the original samples rather than the 'replayed' version that prydz used)
this lends some credibility to the 'stolen idea theory'