Thursday, November 15, 2007

Roulé Together 1

The aura of this track has definitely grown since the Alive '07 Tour, and its incredible encore came into existence, although i've loved this one from the moment i've heard it. Its the epitome of French Touch; catchy loop puts you in a trance, only to get slapped in the face by that awesome synth line.

I just want to mention that i have a couple of requests and questions for you in this post, but to avoid sullying the amazing formatting i've done, I'm putting it below the cover art.

Roulé Together 1
Together - "Together"

Single Side:

In my circles, a little snippet of a track floated around that was rumored to be a 3rd Together cut. Do any of you know if this is the case, and if so, do you have the full track? If not, what is this?


Edit: Commentary from a reader, "Justin" in the Netherlands:
The snippet floating around as Together03 has been released as "Patrick Alavi - Party With Music". I was never sure if it was Patrick Alavi's track from the beginning used to spread the fake misnamed snippet, or that it started out as a Together track but got nicked by Alavi. However given the timing and some comments by Falcon, I tend to believe the track always was by Patrick Alavi from the start, so that pretty much solves the mystery.

Here are is the Patrick Alavi track, as well as another using the same sample, by Dynamic Rockers. (Both tracks courtesy of Justin (Thanks, J!).

Patrick Alavi - "Party With Music" [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Dynamic Rockers - "With Music" [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

In addition, does anyone have THIS white label? If so, what are the mixes like?


majormike said...

this blog fuckin rules, keep the french touch comin!!!!!

Xinobi said...

I have that white label on mp3 around.. the mixes are more ortodox house. More dj friendlly too in my opinion..

Tony Rad Tony said...

The encore from Las Vegas is amazing! It gets me mega amped every time i hear it. whats the track they drop at 1:26:37? ITS INSANE!!!!!! I lost my brain somewhere in the desert that night. all good... see you at studio B soon brother. Thanks for the tracks as always.

Unknown said...

the tracklist for the encore i believe is

dp - Human after all
Together - together
DP - prime time of your like (para one remix) (the part where it goes. "LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE LI-LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE LIFE LI-LIFE")
stardust - Music Sounds better with you
dp - One more time

Mike said...

have the full track in that snippit? id love to hear it!

Solid Goldberger said...

working on getting that track for yas.


woka77 said...

there was a white label of Together it was called

El b's - Get her (anfield mix)
(Molineux Mix)


diizy said...

seriously, i don't think "party with music" is patrick alavi. can someone show me the release?

Jean Moustache said...

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i du luv that TOGHETHER 3 !!!!

jodie said...

wow 2007