Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daft Punk @ Vegoose, Las Vegas, MP3 Download & More.

First up for y'alls is a MP3 repost (120 MB) of the .flac download of the Daft Punk set from Vegoose on Saturday, by way of eTree, which from a quick listen sounds VERY VERY VERY good.
EDIT: The direct link to the .Flac files, via Torrent, is here.  But frankly, this sounds really realy really really good.  As a former taper, i'm smitten.

Daft Punk, Live @ Vegoose, Las Vegas, NV [RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Next, look at these sexy fuckers helping the helmet gals cinch the title.

Finally, pretty sure that this ain't daft punk's handiwork, but its impressively obsessive, completing the theme of this post. Full respect to our "crazy friend from Texas", Kiyoshi. Where the fuck do you find this shit k//?


I Were Drunk said...

this sounds fantastic! thanks man :D

Spaceman Spiff said...

this might be the best bootleg yet!

Clemente said...

where is the .flac located?

Tony Rad Tony said...

Reliving the night all over again!

Glenjamn said...

you. are. the. man.

khoshbinjen said...

Thank You for converting. Couldn't figure out the FLAC thing. Best show I ever saw! Thanks again!

Ken W. said...

This is a super clean recording. Nice post.

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mikej said...
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rp said...

Daft Punk is EPIC! :D :)
btw. you can find more nice sets on